Ask the Chiropractor

Can I get adjusted too often?  We often get asked this question.  Patients often say I was going to call in last week, but thought I would be coming in too much.  There are several reasons why someone might return faster than expects.  Let’s address those reasons for returning earlier and address the issue of too often.


At Palmer college we learned about Dr Palmer’s teaching of in and out of pattern.  When you are in pattern this is a typical maintenance adjustment visit.  Because you are in pattern, we find the normal or usual spots.  However when you present with different or new spots this is out of pattern.  Causes for out of pattern relate to your physical, chemical, and/or emotional stress.  Probably the most common out of pattern we see is when you are having a headache.  So if you are having a headache or other symptoms it is important to get in and get checked.


Sometimes you might have an extra subluxation in waiting.  If you neck is very tight and your carrying extra stress this can hide one.  Once your adjustment settles in you could have a compensation subluxation now appear.  Because your eyes always stay level with the righting reflex, no one has only one subluxation.  Often one will show up a few hours later or next day.  It is not uncommon for someone to return the next day and tell us they might have another one to get checked.

Can I get adjusted too often?

So understanding that some people need to return, can I get seen too often?  The answer is no.  Why no?  If the vertebra are not stuck or subluxated they will not adjust.  Often people are checked to find out they did not have any to adjust.  This might have happened to you.  We are often told my lower back did not adjust well’ I did not feel anything go.  In reality, the lower back was great, nothing was out to be fixed.  As a chiropractor we like it when there is nothing to adjust, it shows you’re making great progress.