Cervicogenic Headache

A cervicogenic headache that starts above one eye, travels across the head to the back of the skull, usually starts about the same time every day, and worsens with forward head posture.  This is a cervicogenic headaches.  These are usually aggressive painful headaches, often go away after sleep or as many have discovered a trip to the chiropractor.

The Chiropractor

A chiropractor will look at a few things to determine if chiropractic care will help. First would be x-ray findings.  Your films should show upper cervical misalignments.  A sideways view of your neck should demonstrate forward head posture.  Second would be a range of motion of your neck and upper back region. It is this that pulls on the soft tissue attributing to the headaches.  Third would be trigger points.  These trigger points would be in your shoulder muscles.  These all show us that you would be a chiropractic patients.

Care Plan

The Chiropractor would next put you on a care plan.  Usually starting at a few visits a week then tapering off less and less as time goes on.  The number of visits will be determined based on your x-rays and exam findings.  The more your out the more visits you will require.  Soft tissue work is often added to your care plan.  This can be simple exercises and stretches, maybe using a massage gun, a tennis ball against the wall, but a massage therapy is the best.

Other Things

Everyone is different so if you have a special concern or issue make sure you let your chiropractor know.

More Information

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