Chiropractic and Earaches

Did you know some people seek chiropractic care when they have earaches?  While there is no direct chiropractic adjustment for an earache, chiropractic care can offer help.  In fact the first reported chiropractic patient had his hearing restored after getting adjusted.  So for this week’s Ask the Chiropractor, Dr Hulsebus will try to explain why some seek care for earaches.


the second bone of your neck (cervical) is called the axis bone.  The axis bone is one of the larger vertebras. When we x-ray it, you are required to open your mouth.  It is behind your jaw.  The spinous for this vertebra is on the bottom of your hair line.  It is almost inside your head.  Other bones rest on top of the axis.  It is the combination of these bones that can become misaligned.  When misaligned they can block the Eustachian tube.  The Eustachian time drain fluid from behind your ear drum into your throat.  If the axis bone is misaligned the pressure can create a back flow issue in the Eustachian tube causing earaches.  The chiropractor can perform an adjustment and the pressure can be released, resulting I ending the earache.

Other tips

There are other ideas and tips Chiropractors might have.  We suggest eliminating dairy.  Dairy can increase mucus production.  This would resulting more fluid to build behind the ear drum.  Another thing is sugar, your immune system can deal with sugar or germs, usually not both.  We have included a few vitamin suggestions also in the video above.  Watch the video for the whole story.


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