Chiropractic and the Heart

Chiropractic and the heart a research review

In this video Dr Hulsebus reviews research on chiropractic and the heart.  Research topics include, hypertension, heart rate, and stroke.  First Dr. Hulsebus reviews the research.  Secondly he explains the research in his own words.  Lastly we discuss how this would apply in our clinic with everyday care.  The goal is to help you understand the reason why some patient get the results they get.


This research article is extra exciting. Dr. Hulsebus knows the researcher.  In fact Dr Bob Hulsebus was one of the reasons this researcher became a chiropractor.  First thing noted is that it was not the goal of the care for blood pressure.  Secondly the blood pressure changing was noted then researched.  Thirdly once the goal changed it became clear that there was a cause and effect.  Finally the the response change came from change the autonomic nervous system.

Heart Rate

Next research presented health with heart rate.  Today many chiropractors actually use heart rate to determine care plans for patients.  Your heart rate is regulated by the nervous system.  In return, your nervous system is simulated by the Chiropractor.   Therefore, the chiropractic care can effect your heart rate.  As a result we see changes in patient quickly following care.


After a stroke many people have seen progress in recovery after chiropractic care.  Your body always adapts to the environment it is in.  Your nervous system detects and informs your brain about the environment. As a result your nerves tell your body what changes are need.  Because the chiropractor can effect your nerves function and capability this helps..  As a result if your chiropractic care helps the nerves function better, and your nerves help you adapt to your environment, and your environment is physical, chemical and emotional.  In conclusion chiropractic can speed up and improve recovery.