Brain and Chiropractic

The brain and chiropractic care.  How does chiropractic care effect the brain?  Tonight Brant Hulsebus DC sits down and explains.  Research on the brain will be reviewed.  Because research can be hard to relate, Dr Hulsebus breaks it down for everyone.  Also, clinical examples of the research is shared so you can know how chiropractic care is used.  So to learn more about the brain from a chiropractor’s point of view, take a watch.

Dr Haavik

Dr Haavik runs a research clinic in New Zealand.  Her research is all chiropractic research.  Dr Hulsebus has met Dr Haavik several times.  As you watch the video you will see there are several references.  She does the research then has a unique way of explaining it.  Her animations are easy to learn from and enjoy.


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