Chiropractic first choice for Sciatica

Many people deal with sciatica.  What you should know is chiropractic first choice for sciatica.  Chiropractors have been helping helping with sciatica for over 100 years.  Let’s break this down.  First what is sciatica? Second how do I know if I have it?  Third what is different at the chiropractors?  Finally what should I expect at the chiropractor?


What is sciatica?  The sciatic nerve is the widest and largest nerve outside your spinal cord itself.  In an adult it is as wide as your thumb.  The nerve starts in your lower back and travels down the backside of your thigh, to your knee, and then down the rest of the leg and foot.  Everything waist down except the front of your thigh and groin is innervated by the sciatic nerve.  Sciatica means an irritation of the sciatic nerve itself.


Chiropractors are uniquely trained to look to the cause of the sciatica.  This is most easily done with x-ray study.  When two or more spinal bones become misaligned they can add stress to a nerve.  When this happens the term is subluxation.  So the sciatic nerve comes from the lower back and tailbone.  Should there be a subluxation in the lower back or tailbone we would suspect that the be the cause of the sciatica.  However, there are other causes.  Another cause can be when the his counter rotate and stress the prirformis muscle.  The sciatic nerve will travel above, below, or in some people through the piriformis muscle.  If this muscle is stressed then it can also create a form of sciatica. Only your chiropractor is trained to tell the difference.


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