Chiropractic History

Chiropractic History

This week’s ask the Chiropractor- We look at Chiropractic History.  September 18, 1895 was the date of the first ever chiropractic adjustment.  THis time of year most chiropractors like to share the story of the origins of Chiropractic care.  Dr Hulsebus will tell us his version of the first adjustment and how the profession started.

Davenport Iowa

Davenport is where chiropractic started.  Dr Palmer was a magnet healer in Davenport.  Magnet healers would put their hand s on you to pull the negative energy out of you.  In the building there was a janitor named Harvey Lillard.  Harvey had lost his hearing.  Dr Palmer took a look at him.  First Dr Palmer found inflammation and reduced motion in Harvey’s spine.  Next, Dr Palmer at that time he restored the motion with the first chiropractic adjustment. In the end, after some time, Harvey was able to hear the horses on the cobblestone road outside.  It was first thought a cure for deafness was found.


Dr Palmer learned quickly he had not found a cure for deafness but rather something else.  The next patient was also deaf but presented different.  The next patient neck was not the same, however he had a different spot.  Since he had a different spot, after the correction, he remained deaf.  But something else happened, his heart burn went away.  Next a third patients came in and again presented with another different spot.  The results for him were also different, his blood pressure went down.  Now Dr Palmer knew he was on to something.


Today there is a college in Davenport, Palmer College of Chiropractic.  It is at this school where chiropractors were able to demonstrate what Dr Palmer was doing.  Different nerves go to different places.  If there is stress at the spine, that stress will travel that nerve.  The result is where that nerve goes the stress will go.  In the end, this stress can effect the function of everything the nerve goes to.  If the stress is removed at the spine, the result is the nerve improves and the body parts return to healthier state.


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