Chiropractic Supplements

As a Chiropractor there are a few supplements I do recommend.  Ideally we would all have an excellent diet and healthy lifestyle.  Today there are things that interfere with that.  First is our food is not the same quality it once was.  Secondly we spend too much time inside.  Lastly we all sit too much and do not walk outside enough.  With that let’s talk about three supplements we should all think about taking.

Omega 3

Omega 3, or fishtail is very important.  First why do we need it?  It is important that we keep our omega 3 levels twice that of our omega 6 levels.  We get omega 6 from eating grains.  Another source would be eating animals that eat grains.  Today we feed most of the meat at the store grains to make them larger.  Cows and pigs eat grains now, not grass.  Almost all fish eat grains now not seaweed or algae.  As a result, we struggle to find meat products with omega 3.  Because our meat sources altered their diets we are force to supplement. Fish oil is preferred supplement.  The role of fish oil is to control the level of inflammation we deal with.

Daily Vitamin

Unfortunately it is not just our meat products that have changed.  Today an apple has 40% less nutrients than an apple from forty years ago.  Today we over treat the soil to make it able to grow apples.  The result is less healthy apple.  Another factor is the fast pace world we tend to eat less produce.  Not many salads are bought through the drive thru.

Vitamin D3

This is the sunshine vitamin.  First it is important to remember our ancestors did not wear much clothing.  Second our ancestors did not live inside.  Third our ancestors walked outside all day.  When the sun hits our skin we make vitamin D.  So, if you are not sending the what would equal 30 mixtures a day outside in your swimsuit, you need to supplement.


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