Chiropractic Tinnitus

Ask the Chiropractor, can Chiropractic help with Tinnitus?  There are many chiropractic tinnitus cases.  Where there is no direct chiropractic link to tinnitus, many still have been helped.  Chiropractic adjustments are meant to do only one thing.  That one thing is to help re-align the spine.  Luckily, there are often great benefits from re-aligning the spine.


Why does the ear ring?  One cause is the tube that drain your ear is compromised.  The tube is called your eustachian tube tube.  This tube starts by the ear drum and travels to the throat. this tube when wrong, can create several issues.  First, it is here where excessive fluid behind the ear drum will drain into your throat.  Secondly, the tubes also act as pressure equalizers to the ear drum.  As a result, ringing happens when one of the tubes is not able to fully dilate. To conclude, this pressure is also the result of restricted air flow down the tube.


The second bone in your neck is called the axis.  It has a small stump that stands straight up on it.  It is this stump that acts like a tie down point for the first bone in your neck.  The result of this is being able to shake your head no.  The sphenoid bone on that rest on top of this stump as well.  Should the axis bone be misaligned, the result is, the sphenoid bone would also move.  To conclude, the sphenoid bone can actually move to block the eustachian tube.  The result of correcting the alignment of the axis bone can move the spend bone and fix the eustachian  tube.


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