Chronic Pain and Chiropractic

Chronic pain and Chiropractic, how does Chiropractic help.  Today chronic pain is a major health concern.  More and more people are unable to work or enjoy life due to chronic pain.  Chiropractic research is now proving something chiropractors always knew, chiropractic can help.  In the video different research is presented to demonstrate how chiropractic helps with chronic pain.

Understanding Pain

First we must understand pain.  Because we must understand pain before we can address pain.  Pain occurs in the brain.  If pain is in the brain the nervous system is extremely important.  Because lower back pain alters normal motion, this leads to chronic pain if untreated.  But there is good news chiropractic will help break this cycle.


Because a spinal joint can remain injured over time the body will adapt.  Adaptation happens with neuroplasticity.  The more a neurological pathway is used the better you get at it.  Practice makes prefect, but this can also work against you.  Over time you get good at making pain in your brain due to an uncorrected injury.


The newest research shows Chiropractic care can break the neuroplasticity. In the video experiments have demonstrated this.  So if you have pain in your spine chiropractic adjustment can break the pain cycle.  It is important to break the cycle early.  Longer the neuroplasticity is there longer it take to break.  Click here to learn more about care length.  It is important to see the chiropractor earlier than later.

Opioid Use

Chiropractic is safer than opioid use.  If you know someone on opioids get them to a chiropractor. Opioid use is very addictive.  Many people even die every year from opioid addiction.  If you are reading this in another part of the world click here to find a Chiropractor near you.  Or contact us and we can help.