Chiropractic for chronic shoulder and neck pain

Do you know someone who has the constant discomfort going from your neck into your shoulder blade area?  This discomfort is usually from doing many things wrong over a long period of time.  That fact that it takes time to develop it results in taking time to resolve.


Usually someone who is suffering from this has several things they will report.

  • Headaches
  • decrease range of motion in the neck
  • pulling between shoulder
  • numbness in the extremity
  • worsen when sitting
  • Knots in the muscles in upper back


Th main cause of this would be what we call forward head posture.  Let’s describe what forward head posture is.  When you sit you will extend your neck forward.  This is accompanied by a forward rounding of the shoulders.  You will be able to observe this when looking a someone’s side profile.  First the ear will not be directly above the shoulders.  Secondly the shoulders also will be forward.  Lastly you can see a routing of the back.

How does one get forward head posture?  There are several activities that create this posture.

  • Sitting
  • Reading
  • Computer work
  • Watching TV
  • Tablets and Phones
  • Working on a kitchen counter
  • Working with hand tools
  • Side sleeping

Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor will be able to help you with forward head posture.  Usually one will have a chiropractic exam.  This exam may or may not include x-rays.  After finding the forward head posture usually chiropractic care with stretches, soft tissue work, and maybe massage.  Make sure to ask your chiropractor what care they would suggest for you.


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