Why do people choose to do continuous chiropractic care?

Many people start chiropractic care with a health concern.  Maybe they suffer from lower back pain, headaches, or neck issues.  Most will seek chiropractic care for relief of these issues.  However many people never stop going.  Why would they do this?

How the health concern started

How does one develop a bad lower back, or neck issues?  We have all heard of someone who claims to have had “slept funny” and now have an ache or complaint.  I would hope everyone knows it takes more than just sleeping funny to expose your spine to injury.  Usually one has a poor posture or poor lifestyle.  This poor posture takes years to develop.  Once it is developed, you create a weakness.  This weakness is now easy to injure.  Now if you sleep funny you will have the injury.

Seek Care

Now that you have the injury you seek care.  You will go to the chiropractor.  First the chiropractor will take a history.  Second the chiropractor will take x-rays.  Third you will undergo an examination.  Lastly you should get a chiropractic adjustment.  On you follow up visits the chiropractor will put you on a care plan for you to achieve the relief you want.  After a few visits you will begin to experience relief of your original issues.  Now what?

After Relief

Most people do not undergo a major lifestyle change during care.  Meaning that you will return to the same home, bed, job, and lifestyle you had before chiropractic care.  It is important to remember that it was this home, bed, job and lifestyle that created the original reason you sought care in the first place.  Why would the issues not return if you return to doing the same things you did prior?

Continuous Care

Your chiropractor should recommend a maintenance/supportive plan.  The goal here is to make sure your issue do not return since you returned to you previous activities.


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