A Chiropractor’s perspective on “crack addicts”

Typically chiropractic has a negative image in television shows.  Recently a new show has come out, crack addicts.  In this new show chiropractic is presented in an actual clinic setting.  The chiropractor sees very extreme patients with extreme health issues.  It is a television show and it needs drama to get viewers.  Are you curious if this is a good show?  Watch the video below and Dr Hulsebus will give the the good and the bad on the show.  We were nervous to watch it due to the decades of negative depiction of chiropractic.



Chiropractic Portrayal on Television Shows: A Critical Examination

Television shows often shape public perception of various professions. In this blog post, we will delve into the depiction of chiropractic care on television and explore how it is frequently misrepresented or inaccurately portrayed. From exaggerated techniques to misleading storylines, we will shed light on the negative portrayal of chiropractors and its potential impact on public understanding.

Misleading Techniques

One common way television shows misrepresent chiropractic care is through the portrayal of exaggerated or incorrect techniques. Often, we see characters on television twisting patients’ necks with loud cracking sounds, suggesting that this is a standard chiropractic practice. In reality, chiropractors employ gentle and specific adjustments, focusing on the spine’s alignment to alleviate pain and improve overall well-being. By showcasing extreme techniques, these shows perpetuate misinformation and create unnecessary fear or skepticism surrounding chiropractic care.

Negative Stereotypes

Television shows tend to rely on stereotypes when depicting chiropractors. Frequently, they are portrayed as quacks, frauds, or even dangerous individuals. These negative portrayals not only disregard the rigorous training and education chiropractors undergo but also undermine the legitimacy of their profession. By reinforcing these stereotypes, television shows contribute to the stigma and misconception surrounding chiropractic care, ultimately impacting public perception and potentially discouraging individuals from seeking help from qualified chiropractors.

Dramatized Side Effects

Another aspect of television’s misrepresentation of chiropractic care lies in the dramatized portrayal of potential side effects. Characters are often shown experiencing severe injuries or adverse reactions, creating an exaggerated perception of the risks associated with chiropractic adjustments. While like any medical intervention, there are potential risks, television shows tend to sensationalize these risks and downplay the overwhelming safety record of chiropractic care. Such dramatization perpetuates fear and anxiety, further misleading the audience about the actual benefits and risks of chiropractic treatment.

Lack of Patient Education

Television shows often neglect to provide proper context or educate viewers about chiropractic care. Instead, they present chiropractors as quick-fix solutions or mere plot devices. This failure to accurately represent the profession hinders public understanding.  This prevents viewers from gaining insight into the holistic approach chiropractors take toward patient health and wellness. By overlooking the education and patient-centered approach of chiropractic care, television shows miss an opportunity to dispel misconceptions.   Additionally it promote informed decision-making.


The portrayal of chiropractic care on television shows is often riddled with inaccuracies, stereotypes, and misinformation. Resulting in, misrepresentations can have a negative impact on public perception and hinder the understanding of chiropractic as a legitimate healthcare profession. Finally, It is crucial to promote accurate portrayals of chiropractors on television.  Resulting as increase public awareness of their vital role in holistic healthcare.


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