Daily Workout

This week’s “ask the Chiropractor”- pains after daily workout.  When is a pain after working out not just from working out?  Many of us think if it hurts we need to push ourselves harder.  Others think they are not using enough devices, stretching, or other things that create these aches.  After working out some soreness is typical.  However, if you are walking different, having to brace yourself to get up, or feel constant pain, things are not right.


Foam rollers, roller massage sticks, or therapy massage guns are all great tools.  These are used for pre workouts, or recovery they work awesome.  If these are being used all day or actually during the workout, this is not good.  Often people will note right leg issues.  First they stretch it out.  Second they will use the roller massage stick on it all day.  Third they will use the massage therapy gun on it two or three times daily.  None of this is a normal response to a workout.  Either you have another underlying issue or your workout is wrong.  You can not out exercise a pain.  Pay is your body telling you something is wrong or needs time to heal.


Often we do not give ourselves enough time off to heal.  Personally, I would get up at 4 in the morning, to workout at 5 am.  I would then go to the clinic and work for twelve hours.  Lastly I would go home and spend time with my children, then repeat.  I was so sore and achey, I had to ask for help from the other chiropractors here during the day.  Having time off to heal is important.


As we age it is more important we provide our bodies with recovery fuel.  Often we forget we need certain diets and supplements to be able to heal after workouts.  We offer a few on our website, or you can look at our fitness council to learn more.