Do I have to go forever?

I hear from people all the time, If I start care do I have to come forever?  On the same topic, do I have to come more than once for care?  I like to address these topics as two different topics.  First do I have to come forever.  Secondly I will address why do I have to come more than once for “blank”.


First thing first, my grandfather got two Purple Hearts in Germany so you do not have to do anything.  Many people choose to continue care after starting for several reasons.  First they love how they feel after getting chiropractic care.  I hear all the time that patients have more energy, sleep better, and just feel good after care.  Because of this alone they don’t want to stop care.  Secondly, your lifestyle.  What ever you did to create the problem you started with, you probably still do.  For example, let’s say  your neck an shoulders are tight and sore after typing all day.  Because of this, after years of typing you found a chiropractor.  The Chiropractor was able to help you.  Afterwards you return to typing all day, should we expect a different outcome?  As a result people choose to maintain care because the reasons they sought care have not changed.  Third reason people see coming is other results.  Often during care initial care other health issues improve. As a result many people like being healthier and the choose to continue.

How many visits?

This is a common question.  People call in and tell us they have “blank” condition and want to know how many visits are required.  This is a question we can not answer until we meet the patient.  Because there are so many factors that determine care and length of care, impossible to answer without a chiropractic exam first.  To learn more click here as we have addressed this in more detail previously..