Does Santa need a Chiropractor?

This is the time of the year our younger patients have a question for us.  So for this week’s ask the Chiropractor we are going to address a pressing issue our younger patients want to know.  Does Santa need a Chiropractor?  Many children are curious about this.  Often after the holiday we see kids looking around trying to find the guy in the red suit.  Most kids assume Santa would need an adjustment after his long night of traveling and bringing gifts.  There are three stresses that create a need for a Chiropractor.  Physical, chemical, and emotional stress all can create a need for Chiropractor.

Physical Stress

This is the main stress of usually how we meet our patients the first time.  I fell, I lifted something, or I sat too long are all common complaints the first visit.  When it comes to Santa he rides his sleigh. He drives that sleigh fast to get to every house.  I am sure he suffers from slight whiplash on some of those take offs and landings.  Not only that the ability to go down the chimney and of course going up the chimney.

Chemical Stress

Sugars and sweets are common this time of year.  As we have discussed previously, sweets are hyper-inflammatory. They make little aches and pain turn into big aches and pains.  Does Santa et lots of treats?  Looking at him and I would assume yes.  But kids across the land leave out cookies and treats for Santa.  Those all add up.

Emotional Stress

I am sure trying to ruin an outfit and having elves as a work force would be stressful.  I can only imagine what break time is like with elves.  And those deadlines they have as kids change their wishlist.  I am glad I don’t have to do it.


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