Brant Hulsebus DC LCP CCWP FICA

Dr Brant Hulsebus became a Chiropractor to carry on his family legacy. Hulsebus Chiropractic story started with Dr Bob Hulsebus and Ruth Hulsebus.  Bob just returned from WWII and was married to Ruth.  Ruth had several health issues.  Bob was going to take his wife to Chicago find help, they were currently in western Iowa.  On the way to Chicago they stopped in Davenport Iowa.  Here they learned about BJ Palmer Chiropractic Clinic and school.  Since they were already there they thought they had nothing to loose to try it.  Ruth got better right away and Bob was convinced that Chiropractic care is what helped.  He enrolled and became a chiropractor.

Upon Graduating Chiropractic school Dr Palmer asked Dr Bob Hulsebus to practice in Illinois.  Illinois had many bad laws for chiropractic then.  This is when the Hulsebus family would enter into the world of politics.  Dr Bob worked from 1949 until 1963 without a license due to unfair Illinois laws.  During this time Dr Bob and several other chiropractors form the IPSCA (Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association) to combine efforts and finally change the law for Palmer Chiropractic graduates to obtain Illinois licensure.

Dr Bob then changed his focus from Illinois politics to national politics.  Dr Bob was instrumental in securing federal finical loans for Chiropractic schools.  This would help legitimize Chiropractic care to many doubters back then.  He was also involved in basing medicare coverage for chiropractic care, helping again make chiropractic care more main stream.  He would work with the ICA (International Chiropractic Association) to make federal law changes.

Dr Bob’s son Mike Hulsebus would next become a Chiropractor.  He also went to Palmer Chiropractic College.  Dr Mike would set up a practice in Rockford Illinois with help from his two brothers and father.  The Rockford Chiropractic clinic would be one of the larges chiropractic clinics ever built.  Dr Mike would carry on with the IPSCA with helping getting Chiropractors in key positions in Springfield on different licensing board.  Dr Mike also worked with the ICA to defend Chiropractors who were being harassed by medicare.  With the ICA Dr Mike would define chiropractic necessity so chiropractors could honestly defend themselves against federal harassment.

Dr Brant is Dr Mike’s son and Dr Bob’s Grandson.  He has served the same IPSCA in several different office positions.  He has worked to keep medicine out of chiropractic at the local level.  On the federal level he currently serves as Illinois rep, medicare chairman, and legislative chairman.  Currently working on a medicare bill to allow patients easier access to chiropractic care.  Dr Brant is practicing here in Rockford Illinois.