First visit to a Chiropractor

What to expect at a first visit to a chiropractor.  This is this weeks “ask the chiropractor” request.  Many people are nervous about what they do not know.  Too help ease this nervousness we will attempt to answer what happens on that visit.  Dr Hulsebus will describe what happens at his clinic and what some other clinics might do different.  If you have any questions please contact us.  Finally, this is just an example, your case might be different.


First thing would be a complete health history.  We will need to know anything in your past that could change our care.  Knowing your health history also helps with clinical determinations.  This history is usually just like one you would complete at a family medical office.  As a result, this helps your chiropractor understand your health journey.


Next step would be taking films.  X-rays are the most common type of images.  MRIs are becoming more common.  Most of the time images help us determine several items.  First would be the injury spot.  Second, would be the health of the spine. Third, would be posture.  Finally, would be safety issue to consider when determining the chiropractic technique. To learn more why we take films please listen to this previous podcast.


After looking at images, there will usually be a chiropractic exam.  Chiropractic exams are focused on how the spine moves and posture clues.  Usually the chiropractor will focus the care where the spine is not moving as designed.  The exams are unique to chiropractic care.  Often the patient will be asked to look left and right while their feet are observed.  Often leg length will be challenged.  Meaning you will have you knees bent, raising your legs while being challenged, and other actions.


At this time the chiropractor will determine if they have enough information to start care. Some chiropractor will preform the first adjustment then.  Conversely, other chiropractor will want to do more work on the images prior to starting care.  To conclude, if you wish to start care the same day, I encourage you to call first.


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