Once I start care, Do I have to go forever?

If I start care do I have to go forever?

Being asked if, do I have go forever, is a question all chiropractors get.  I usually answer in several different responses, first what doctor do you not have to return to?  Second response is when can you stop brushing your teeth.  Third is “I went to gym once but did not gain any strength so I quit, must not work”.  Finally, I respond with you are always free to do what ever you want.

What doctor do you not return to?

I know I go to my family doctor once a year for blood test.  Secondly I go the the dentist at least twice a year.  Other patients follow up with different doctors for the rest of their lives.  The idea you return to the chiropractor should not be so foreign.

When can yo stop brushing your teeth?

I often ask ” can you clean my teeth good enough so I don’t have to return?”  We know this is a ridiculous question because we continue to eat.  Every time we need to practice dental hygiene and clean our mouths.  We can not clean them and expect them not to need cleaning again.

I went to the gym once but did not get fit so I quit.

We all know you can not go to the gym once and get fit.  It takes time to build muscle and burn those fat cells.  The more we go the better we are.  The fittest people go the most.  The more you go the more rewarded you will be.


At the end of the day we are all free to do as we wish.  No one can make you go to any doctor anytime.  So the choice is always yours.


When you start care it takes a few visits to start to retrain your muscles and your joints to function better.  As you progress you will receive at home posture instructions. The more of these you do the less care you’ll need.  Once you start getting your results your care plan will change again.  Many people continue care because the stressors that created the problem still exist so logically the spine will respond again.  Ultimately the choice is yours what you do.  Discuss it with your chiropractor and see what you should do.