Growing Pains

This week we were asked about growing pains.  Are they real and why do they happen?  As chiropractors this is an area we do see patients for.  Chiropractic care has been very helpful and important for future issues.  Knowing what to look for and when to predict they are going to happen are great tools.

Growth Spurts

When a growth spurt happens, growing pains usually follow.  Growth spurts, prepuberty, are controlled by nutrition and genetics.  Genetics, when did mom or dad have their growth spurts.  If Dad is 6’9″ he might have had an early and long growth spurt.  That father’s son might copy the same pattern.  Nutrition is also important.  If you lack proper nutrition, the result is more unpredictable growth.  Because of this, protein later in the day and evening are important.


How does one know when a growth spurt is coming.  First the child will be eating more than normal.  Kids start to finish their meals faster and ask for extras.  Secondly, more deep sleep.  This is the sleep where it is a challenge to wake them up.  This would occur even if the child did not run around all day.  Lastly, the child will start to crash hard.  They will be using extra energy to grow and this creates faster crashing and exhaustion.


As Chiropractors we are always concerned about balance.  Are the kids growing equal on both sides.  Could one leg grow faster, causing the hips to rotate, creating unbalance?  This unbalance left unchecked will create compensation curve to try to self correct.  This creates instability.  Long term this will lead to hip and knee wear.  As Chiropractors we want to correct these things as fast as possible. Bad habits are easy to form hard to forget.  If you want to learn more about kids and chiropractic click here to hear Dr Hulsebus Webinar and research review.