Webinar- Chiropractic care for kids

Many of you have seen kids getting Chiropractic care in our clinic.  Because of that we wanted to tell you why.  We cover three topics here, first the safety of care for kids.  Secondly how we help in colic.  Lastly how care might help some kids with bed wetting.


Is it safe for my kids to go to a chiropractor?  Of course it is.  Here at our clinic we have seen kids since 1949.  Today we have patients who first got seen by Dr Bob Hulsebus.  Secondly as adults had Dr Mike Hulsebus see their children.  Lastly today Dr Brant Hulsebus has their grandkids as patients.  Our Chiropractors have taken classes on pediatric care from Palmer Chiropractic College who have the best pediatric professors anywhere.  Also, our chiropractors have taken many hours of post graduate work on care for kids.


We did a deep dive into colic. Colic is a baby who can not rest or be at ease.  Because of this the baby does. to sleep and usually is crying or irritable. The result of this are tired, worn out, exhausted parents.  Now we have tired baby and exhausted mom and dad.  Often mom and dad feel like they are losing.  Good news, even though the baby can not tells us what is wrong, we don’t need to know.  You see, Chiropractors do not need to know the why because we just adjust the spinal bones that need care.  Objective test are preformed and let us know the problems.  We give care to these spots and usually baby the improves rapidly.

Bed Wetting

As chiropractors we have learned different nerves control different functions.  If we find an area where the spinal bones are under stress, we can usually help.  The result is the nerves with these bones preform better and the patient improves.  When it comes to bed wetting, should these areas be under stress, often after care the bed wetting improves. The good news is we can tell you yes or no right away.


If you have any questions or want more information just reach out to us here.