Head Injury and Chiropractic

Head Injury and Chiropractic Care

On this week’s “ask the Chiropractor”, we were asked about chiropractic care after a head injury.  Should I seek Chiropractic care after I have head a head injury or a concussion?  Again this is a great question for a chiropractor to answer since only a chiropractor knows what it is we do.  The answer is yes you should seek care.  In fact some of the leading healthcare providers in this area are chiropractors.  Let’s break it down.

Neck Injury

Did you know you can not have a head injury with our a neck injury.  There are a few steps to head injury.  First there must be a violent hit to the head.  Second the head will move rapidly in on direction then stop.  Third when it stops the head then flows back in the opposite direction.  Fourth this causes the brain to swing around inside the skull.  Fourth it is the swinging that allows the brain to hit the skull that creates the concussion.  Finally all this swinging is apexed in the neck.  So as the head goes so does the neck.

Spinal Fluid

As the neck is injured this can alter the spinal fluid flow.  Once the spinal fluid was thought to only give the brain something to float in.  Today we now know the spinal fluid has a much bigger job.  First it help bring in nutrients to the brain.  Secondly it also works as part of the flushing system to the brain.  So when you have a neck injury you can disrupt the spinal fluid flow.  As a result the brain will struggle to heal.


We all know blood flow is extremely important.  When the neck is injured we have noticed blood flow is also injured.  Just like chiropractic care for headaches, the blood flow must be working to heal.