Are those TikTok videos really Chiropractic?

For this week we will be talking about those crazy social media videos where people claim to be Chiropractors.  The goal of theses videos is to excite you with crazy chiropractic adjustments.  We often get asked if these video on TikTok are real chiropractic.  Let’s break it down.  I can not claim to know every style of chiropractic but somethings are universal.  First is it specific?  Second look at the patients posture.  Third how many spots are being worked on.

Where I went to school

Some chiropractic schools only have one chiropractic adjusting class.  We went to Palmer College of Chiropractic.  At Palmer we had 7 adjusting classes.  To add to that several different adjusting clubs and electives that taught us more.  Also our clinic opened in 1949.  We have several older style of adjusting tables and the newest ones.  WIth this knowledge we have seen many chiropractic techniques.

It’s specific or it’s not Chiropractic

When you get a chiropractic adjustment here, it is specific. We make sure we are adjusting the vertebra that needs it and not just the whole area.  First we take x-rays to find the vertebra.  Second we will do quick chiropractic exams each time to confirm.  Third we use our knowledge of you from past visits to judge if the care is needed our not.  SO loo at the videos and ask yourself is this specific or not.


Next time you are at the clinic ask about your posture when receiving care.  Our chiropractic tables are designed to have you lay down and assist.  This opens the joints.  So if you see someone getting care and they are in the opposite posture this is not chiropractic.

One joint at a time

We adjust one joint at a time.  There is nothing specific that would do more than one.  When you see someone try to move a whole section of the spine at once, that is not something we are taught.