Myths Medical Doctors tell about Chiropractic

Before we begin, I believe many doctors were probably taught wrong about chiropractic and do not mean to tell myths.  Most doctors trust science.  If you really want the truth about chiropractic you should always ask a chiropractor.  Today let’s review the most common myths medical doctors tell about chiropractic.  First, osteoporosis patients should avoid chiropractic care.  Second, if you have had surgery you can not go to the chiropractor.  And finally, chiropractic care can cause stroke.


If your bones are loosing density they can become weaker.  Weaker bones are subject to injury.  Greater effort should be used when you have advancing osteoporosis.  All chiropractors know this.  We take many hours of x-ray classes and the better Chiropractic college have many hours of technique classes.  We learn different techniques to accommodate different patient needs.  Since osteoporosis is so common, of course we learn techniques to use if a patient suffers from this.

Previous Surgery

Many doctors will tell you to avoid chiropractic if you have had previous back surgery.  This is also wrong.  As a responsible Chiropractor we would obtain imaging of your spine prior to see the previous surgery. You have 24 vertebra. If you have had surgery on one to three bones, you still have many more bones the chiropractor can work on.  Plus, I have never met a chiropractor who can break the metal used on a surgery.


There has never been any real science paper or research done that proves this is a thing.  There have been lawsuits against the AMA by Chiropractors fighting this (Wilks).  If you want to read the actual science in a medical journal here is the PubMed link.  This is an old fear tactic that needs to go away.  Chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rates for a reason, we are safe.


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