Chiropractic for Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain

Did you know many people seek care at the chiropractor for neck, shoulder, arm pain?  If you have issues in your lower neck they can travel down and affect the shoulder, and the arm.  Many people have had great success with shoulder and arm issues after receiving care on their neck from a chiropractor.

Brachial Plexus

There is a group of nerves that travel from your neck to your finger tips.  This group of nerves forms a web like pattern after leaving your neck area.  The name of this web like group is the Brachial Plexus.  Most of us this starts at the nerve root level from C5-T1. So your last few neck bones and first thoracic bone.  Thoracic spine are the spine bones where your ribs attach.  Your chiropractor can do both an exam and x-rays to determine if you are dealing with this.  First the exam would be measuring your range of motion.  Comparing your motion side vs side,  The second would be an x-ray.  On the x-ray we not only see any pathology or trauma but also posture and alignment.  Both posture and alignment would provide us with some answers.

Median Scalene Muscle

There is a muscle named the Median Scalene muscle.  It is located in the bottom area of your neck.  The Brachial Plexus will travel either below, above, or through this muscle.  If this muscle is inflamed it becomes part of the problem.  Inflamed muscles are sticky.  Sticky muscle can have nearby nerves become stuck to them.  If the nerve becomes stuck, the nerve becomes stressed.  Stressed nerves cause symptoms like pain and/or numbness.  The two most common ways to inflame this muscle is a whiplash or bad posture.


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