Making your New Years Resolutions more successful

Did you know a trip to your chiropractor can make your New Years Resolutions more successful.  There are four ways your chiropractor can help.  First we know areas where you are tight or weak.  Secondly most chiropractors can help with supplements and vitamins you might need.  Third we have studied diets.  Finally we can get you adjusted to help with your muscle memory.

Tight or weak

If you have an area where you are tight or weak, your chiropractor will know.  A chiropractor will be able to let you know about these areas where you are tight or weak to focus your workout.  Often we will converse with strength and wellness coaches to assist you in better outcomes.

Supplements and Vitamins

Many people will start a vitamin and supplement program.  There are good and bad supplements out there.  It is important to share those supplements to your chiropractor.  Often we experience patients attempt to take products to improve their health, however to quality of the product will not help achieve the goal.  Here in our clinic we will guide patients to stores we trust and we even offer the same supplements that Dr Hulsebus takes.


With all the diets out there we take a different approach.  If you look at what the diets exclude and not focus on what they include you will see a pattern. All diets exclude candy bars fro example.  For more on this check out the video link.

Muscle memory

Getting adjustment prior to working out can improve the success of the workout.  If your spine is moving better prior to the workout, your muscle memory will improve in a positive way.  Again to understand this more please watch the video.


First, check out the video link above. Secondly, go to our blog page.  Lastly, listen to our podcast.  And if you want to take the same supplements Dr Hulsebus takes click here to pick them up next time your in.