Random Health Tip

Radiation from cell phones?  Yes this is a real thing.  If your device has cellular service radiation is a byproduct.  Because we need to avoid radiation there are things you can do.  The good news is we can avoid some of the radiation. Let’s review a few of those things here.

Ear Buds

Have you ever noticed your phones come with ear buds or headphones?  There is a reason for this.  If you read the manual that comes with your phone you will find the answer.  Because of the radiation the phone is not meant to be placed next to your head.  You are meant to wear the ear buds.  With the ear buds in, you can now keep your phone in your pocket for instance.  So following the manual you should have less time with the phone directly touching your head.


Places where people also get radiation from the phone is where they carry it.  Because people carry the phone in their pockets, radiation in the thighs is noted.  Your phone pings off the towers even when not talking, so radiation happens then also.  Since women might carry their phones near their chest, this can result in radiation near the breast.


Today there are stickers that help absorb your phone radiation. R2L is one that does this.  Because the laws of physics states energy can not be created or destroyed, but can be transferred.  So this stickers absorbs the radiation and transfers the energy into a small LED light.  This means if the phone is being talked on or pinging most of the radiation is avoiding you.

Other Devices

Do not forget other devices.  Today many of our electronics have cellular service.  Tablets, laptops, and hot spot devices for instance.  Some of these devices can use the stickers as well.  You might not want to bing stream a show over cellular with you tablet in your lap.