Respiratory Issues

Last week I had a patient ask me why I am never sick?  With everyone being diagnosed right now Flu, RSV, COVID, and other respiratory issues, how do I stay healthy.  To that we create the newest episode of Ask The Chiropractor-.  The best answer I have is a saying my old teacher and mentor would ask us- Do the rats make the dump or the dump make the rats?  Which came first?

Staying healthy

I choose to stay healthy.  I do that several different ways.  First I get my sleep.  Second I exercise several times a week. Third is my vitamins and supplements. Fourth is my diet,  Finally the way I stay healthy is getting my chiropractic adjustments.


You heal and repair as you sleep.  With the busy holidays sometimes we forget to get our sleep.  We all need 6-8 hours a sleep daily.  There is no making it up.  Many people tell me they had shortened sleep and plan on making it up.  Naps do not count towards the 6-8 hours.  Naps result in bonus not required sleep.


Nothing cleans out the body better than sweating.  I attend the gym 2-3 a week and tackle a project at home weekly.  When yo sweat the toxins come out.

Vitamins and supplements

I take at least a daily vitamin, Vitamin D3 and fish oil every day.  I have done several blogs on this.  Please check them out for more information on these.


Make sure you keep up with your raw produce.  To make sure I do this I have a salad for lunch everyday.  I use oil and vinegar for my dressing.  I also eat raw produce at each meal.


I keep my nervous system as Finley tuned as I can.  No one needs any type of extra stress this time of year.  It does not take much stress to create respiratory issues.


First, check out the video link above. Secondly, go to our blog page.  Lastly, listen to our podcast.  And if you want to take the same supplements Dr Hulsebus takes click here to pick them up next time you’re in.