Sinus help from the Chiropractor

As a chiropractor we have some help tips for sinuses.  We have four tips that can help you deal with sinus problems.  First one is vitamin D3.  Second one is vitamin C. Third is avoiding dairy.  Lastly we have seen some success here at the clinic after preforming a chiropractic adjustment. Let’s break down each one.

Vitamin D3

Let’s discuss the sunshine vitamin.  We normally get vitamin D3 from sunshine, but as it get’s colder we spend more time indoors.  This is why we must supplement our Vitamin D3.  We are designed to be outside all day.  there are a few things to know about this supplement.  First, since we are not meant to eat it, we must take it with a healthy fat.  Since oil is a healthy fat, gel caps work well.  Secondly, if we are outside all day we do not need to take it.  Third, is the darker your complexion is the more you need.  Lastly you can go to the pet store and buy a reptile light.  Because reptiles need UVB rays there are lights that produce those rays.  Hence if you use the same bulbs, it will act like sunshine.  Therefore, put these bulbs in your bathroom so you get maximum skin exposure to the light.

Vitamin C

Since we were children we know about vitamin c.  But, there are somethings that might surprise you.  First, if vitamin C is with sugar, sugar trumps Vitamin C absorption. Hence dealing with sugar is a priority over Vitamin C absorption. Therefore, if the Vitamin C tablet has sugar in it, you will not absorb the Vitamin C.  As a result, Orange juice same problem.  Fruit eaten raw has fiber, that fiber slows the sugar absorption down to allow Vitamin. C to go first.  In juice there is no fiber, hence juice is not a good source.  Aim for colorful vegetables instead.  I like bell peppers.

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