Daily Supplements

This week on ‘Ask The Chiropractor” Dr. Hulsebus was asked what are your daily supplements.  As a rule we like eating salads.  Eating right is always the best choice to get your requirements.  Dr. Hulsebus does not even have to order at the restaurant, they automatically bring him the salad.  Sadly, even as hard as you try to eat was healthy as you can there are still a few supplements we need to take.  First, fish oil is needed.  Secondly, we need to take our vitamin D most of the year.  Third a good daily vitamin but there are some rules with that.  Lastly there are somethings we need to take for special circumstances.

Fish Oil

Keep your omega 3 and omega 6 ratio in balance is very important.  We get omega 6 from eating grains or eating animals who eat grains.  We get omega 3 from grass and algae and eating animals that eat grass or algae.  Today almost all our fish are farmed and our beef is corn fed.  This means that lack the omega 3 we need.  As a result, most people omega 3 ratio completely wrong.  The consequences of this can lead to increase risk of autoimmune issues and hyper inflammation.  For this reason we take fish oil daily to rebalance out.

Vitamin D

We need to spend the equivalent to 2 hours a day outside in our swimsuits.  The darker your complexion is the more time outside you need.  We are not designed to eat Vitamin D, we are designed to make it from sunshine.  Because of this we supplement it.  There are many rules on how to supplement this properly.  Please watch this previous blog on how.

Daily Multi-Vitamin

One of the rules with the vitamin is no copper. I take a daily without copper.  Many people with dementia and memory loss have presented with higher levels of copper.  We do not regularly loose copper, so replacing it is not necessary.


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