What makes chiropractic different?

We are often asked from our patients, what makes chiropractic different?  People seek care here for various reasons.  Often we are not the first stop.  First, they try google search help.  Secondly, they try ask a friend for help.  Thirdly, they try a family physician.  Usually that is followed by a specialist or two.  Lastly, after everything else has failed, they try chiropractic.  What is different about the chiropractic approach?  It is the Art, Science, and Philosophy of what we do.

Our Art

If you look at the earliest chiropractic textbooks you will notice not much has changed.  Chiropractors noted if I adjust this vertebra this happens.  They would repeat the same adjustment to the same vertebra and get the same results.  It became a repeatable outcome, by adjusting L3-L5 sciatica improved.  The result was, they worked on various adjusting styles over the years, but the outcomes stayed the same on individual final levels.

Our Science

The science started to form.  They learned Chiropractic adjustments to an exact vertebra could get an expected outcome.  They science was forming.  Now all they had to do was establish the nerve routes to verify the outcomes.  Keeping records showed sixth thoracic vertebra would affect same area on everyone who got care.  This concluded that now the ground work for decades of research.

Our Philosophy

Healing can come from inside out, from above to below.  Maybe not everything required a pill or potion. They philosophy was being set that the body can be a self healing a regulating system on its own.  Just had to identify the stress that was limiting the bodies ability to adapt to the outside stress.  Chiropractors became experts on the nerve patterns from the spine.  Next they became experts on restoring the spine to help the nerve innervation and function.


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