What To Expect

When starting chiropractic care , what to expect can be your biggest concern.  On “ask the Chiropractor” it is the number one question submitted.  Dr Hulsebus will break down how we do it here.  He will explain what we do and the why we do it.


Everything has paperwork now days.  Most of our new patient paper work is found on our website.  If you are reading this, good news, you are on our website.  Just go to the hoe page and click on the new patients buttons to get started.  But when starting care if you have any previous studies, x-rays, or MRI, please bring them with you. Often we can use these.  Either as your films for care or to measure what has changed.


Your Chiropractor usually will start with the exam.  Here we do a Chiropractic exam.   This would be posture checks, leg length checks, and range of motion exams.   We will also shot x-rays.  The x-rays give us several tools to make sure safety is ok and how to regulate your care plan.

Report of Findings

This report shows us serval things.  First it will have your care schedule.  Secondly, it will have any follow up exams on it.  Third, exercises and stretches, when they will be introduced.  Fourth, any outside referrals like massage or physical therapy.  Finally, this report will include and finical responsibilities. What your insurance does and does not cover.  These report of findings are different for everyone.

Other Things

Everyone is different so if you have a special concern or issue make sure you let your chiropractor know.


First, check out the video link above. Secondly, go to our blog page.  Lastly, listen to our podcast.  And if you want to take the same supplements Dr Hulsebus takes click here to pick them up next time you’re in.