Avoiding Pain After Workout

How to avoid the pain

Avoiding pain after working out is very important.  Those of us who do experience pain and soreness are less likely to continue our workouts.  When starting a work out program there are other things to consider past the actual exercise.  First you must think about your warmups.  Second you must know where and what to stretch.  Third after you done you should have a cool down planned.  Lastly what about recovery.

30 minute walk

Many of you have heard me previously talk about a thirty minute walk.  If you ever want to do one thing to improve your health yourself, start a thirty minute walk.  First leave your home and walk fifteen minutes.  Secondly turn around and return.  Being on your feet and moving around is not a thrifty minute walk.  However being on your feet is always better than being on your rear end.

Walk Warm Up

Even though we are saying a thirty minute walk is a good place to start an exercise program, you still need a plan.  The plan can be getting in a weight bearing position and moving around.  Some people like to use a roller.  Lastly some like the foam roller.  Today we are joined by Coach Justin Kegley from Movement Fitness.  We wanted to talk to an expert in the field.

Coach Kegley

Take  watch to the video above to hear and see some of Coach Kegley’s advice.  Our clinic has worked with Coach Kegley taking care of several athletes.  Some of them are division one basketball players, and others are senior men who just want to be able to golf.  Dr Hulsebus and Coach Kegley are often able to come together to help find the prefect balance between chiropractic care and physical fitness.

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