As Chiropractors here at the Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic clinic we take great pride in looking at the spine to find solutions to your health care needs.  Often when someone has hand, arm, shoulder pain it can start at the spine.  When the chiropractors here look to help we start with x-rays to check your alignment first.  It is often the lower neck vertebra (cervical) that can be out of alignment or as we say “subluxated”. Chiropractic care can help, our chiropractors here will deliver a specific chiropractic adjustment to help restore proper alignment.  The next area of focus our chiropractors will do is look at your posture.  Often bad posture can lead to problems here as well.  Our chiropractors here will create stretches and exercises for you.  Should you have a gym you belong to or a trainer you work with here in Rockford we can work with them as well.  Any questions please contact us.