Ask the Chiropractor- Any Chiropractic health tips for the holidays?

The holiday times are coming up fast.  Many of us find we get sick or our health declines because of it.  On this week’s ask the chiropractor- do you have any advice how to stay healthy this holiday season?  Dr Hulsebus will explain the role of chiropractic, sleep, and some supplement and diet ideas.  Hope this keeps you healthy.

Chiropractic during Holidays

Dr Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, said that there are three things that cause your spine to have issues.  The first of these is thoughts.  When you think of thoughts, today we call it stress.  So as we add more stress to ourselves the odds of spinal issues increase.  The second is toxins.  I don’t know about you, but during the holidays it is easy to change your diet habits.  As we increase our sugar and carbs we increase our toxins.  Finally, the last cause is trauma.  When we think holiday trauma the first thing we think of is travel.  Long car rides, air travel, and sleeping in different beds.  We have all traveled and could not wait to see our chiropractor after we returned.


Sleep is always important.  But during the holidays we tend to slow down on our sleep and increase our stress.  While you sleep you repair and grow.  We must take time to sleep during the holidays.  Try to sleep in complete darkness as this will raise your melatonin levels.  High levels of melatonin help keep you healthy.


With all the above taking your supplements is very important.  First is you fish oil.  Need to keep your whole body inflammation down.  Second is your vitamin D3.  If you feel run down double the D3 from 2000 units to 4000-5000 units.  Third is vitamin C from colorful produce.  Should have Vitamin C all day since we do not store it.  If you get sick, then add some zinc and melatonin.  Only do Melatonin if you’re sick. Watch the video above to learn why.


First, check out the video link above. Secondly, go to our blog page.  Lastly, listen to our podcast.  And if you want to take the same supplements Dr Hulsebus takes click here to pick them up next time you’re in.