Duct tape and breast cancer?  What is the connection?  Let me tell you how we found this connection of duct tape and breast cancer.  In health care it is important to do lots of reading and research.  In fact, in Illinois we are required by law to preform 90 hours of research every three years.  Check out the book Why We Sleep.  Many of you know we share random health tip.  This would be a random health tip and book.  So we took some of the knowledge from this book and knowledge from other research and have our theories on the benefits of duct tape for Breast cancer.


Now let me explain.  When you sleep you need complete darkness.  The darker the room the more melatonin you make.  Melatonin is then changed into serotonin.  Serotonin helps us heal and thrive.  When those who measure with high levels of melatonin will have lower risk of breast cancer, and conversely, women who make low levels of melatonin have a higher risk of breast cancer.  It is thought the serotonin produced from the melatonin aids in cancer prevention.  Because of this knowledge you should try to make as much melatonin as you can.

Duct Tape

Now why duct tape for breast cancer?  Duct tape is good at blocking light.  Duct tape makes darkness and darkness makes melatonin.  Use the duct tape on every little light.  Think about the smoke alarm, charging cables, alarm clock, television lights, and any other small light.  Next take a towel to the door crack if light gets in from underneath.  Black out curtains are another area that might need to be addressed.  But we understand you might stub a toe see and there.

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Now hopefully you understand the connection.  It is combining different readings that help us come to this.  Hope you enjoyed this random health tip.  For more click here.