WIth the current health care issues with COVID-19 more people are interest researching.  When we research the internet for health care need to know what research to trust.  One simple way to search the internet is google.  When you use google enter what it is you are looking for and then add “pubmed”. Pubmed will take you to research on nlib.org. The research that is pubmed listed has undergone great scrutiny. To be able to be listed the research has to be able to reproduce same results to look for error.  Because of this pubmed has become a gold standard of research to trust.  Here is a link to try “is Chiropractic safe pubmed

The second place to research is mercola.com. This is if you are research alternative solutions to main stream health care. Dr Mercola has been a speaker on several television and media sources.  Dr Hulsebus has heard him speaker at conferences and seminars many times.  He had practiced as a medical doctor who never prescribed medicine to his patients. instead of medicine he looked at his patient’s lifestyles.  He would help doctor them to healthier lifestyles and then improve their health.