Lost your Taste?

Have you recently lost your taste?  We have had many patient recently report that they have lost their taste.  I am sure you can figure out why.  With so many people reporting this, we put on our nerd hats and investigated. Since taste is a neurological issue, we looked at that.

Upper Cervical

As a chiropractor we have to look at your upper cervical region. Although we have not had a new patient whose only complaint lose of smell.  We do know that the neurology of the head and special senses are interlocked with the upper cervical region.


The role for an anti-oxidant is to clean up a cell’s mitochondria. Let’s break it down.  First the mitochondria role is to break down sugar into energy.  This is a huge chemical reaction.  Often this can leave behind electrons.  These left over electrons are called free radicals.  After injury or sickness the number of free radicals tends to rise.  Second part of this healing is anti-oxidants.  The anti-oxidants bind and remove these free radicals.  This results in the cell returning to a healthier state.  In conclusion, the anti-oxidants remove the free radicals so the cell can heal.

Resveratrol and Curcumin

Resveratrol is the anti-oxidant found in red wine.  Curcumin is in Turmeric. However, to get the required amounts you would have to consume mass amounts.  70 bottles of red wine or tons of mustard.  So we recommend the supplements.  Here is the one we offer.

Biotin and Alpha-Lipoic-Acid

Biotin ande alpha lipoid acid are again antioxidants. These two react differently that the previous two.  Many people have reported success after trying these two.  Here is a link to the ones we offer.


You might have seen this one on YouTube or TikTok.  This one changes your taste buds.  Often children will eat one then eat a lemon.  After eating the berry your tart taste buds respond.  Even changes the taste buds that prevent you from eating jalapeños. Here is a link.

Final Thots

These are just things you can try.  We are not claiming to have cured anything.  Just sharing things that some people have had success with. If you have questions reach out to us.