Realistic Goals

If you are not someone who exercised and food preps but want to set up goals for next years this one is for you.  There are already people who do great with making themselves healthier and there are those who don’t know where to start.  For those of you who do not know where to start, this one is for you.  Dr. Hulsebus will share with you three simple things you can change daily to make yourself healthier this time next year.

30 Minutes of Walking

Number one thing you can do to improve your health is a 30 minute walk.  Here is a link to research how thirty minutes of walking can do.  This 30 minutes needs to be continuous. Not “I’m at work all day on my feet”.  To insure you get your thirty minutes there is a few steps.  First leave your home and walk fifteen minutes away.  Second turn around and return. Boom, you got your thirty minutes.  Being that your spinal joints have no direct blood supply, the only way to keep them healthy is walking.  When we walk the surrounding muscles contract.  This results in those muscles pushing nutrients into the joints.  In addition, this same action will pull toxins out of those joints.


Adding produce to each meal.  I am not taking away your fried chicken and mash potatoes, just asking you eat a salad first.  Vegetables are preferred over fruit.  Because of the sugar in the fruit, but fruit is preferred over no produce.  More raw the produce is the better also.


We want you to add three.  First fish oil.  Fish oil is a great way to regain the balance in inflammation responses. Inflammation is a natural thing, however we are all hyper inflammatory do to lacking omega 3.  Fish oil is omega 3.  Secondly add a good daily vitamin.  This should be a whole food vitamin without copper.  We have them available or try any quantity vitamin store.  Lastly add Vitamin D3.  If you send all day outside you can omit this one, but if your inside more than outside please take this one.