Start with Walking

Start with Walking

Start with walking if you want to do one thing to get healthier.  Going for a 30 minute walk everyday can change your health rapidly. When you study health you will learn that genetically mankind are meant to be hunters and gathers.  The closer to a hunter and gather lifestyle you live the healthier you will be. Let’s discuss why it helps.  First, when you walk the muscles around your spine will contract.  Secondly these muscle will start to push nutrients into your spinal joints and disc.  Thirdly, as the push in the good they also will flush out the toxins that build up.  In conclusion if you do not walk your spine will dehydrate and build up with toxins.  This leads to arthritis.

30 Minutes

Your walk should be 30 minutes long.  It takes this long to get everything warmed up and loosened up.  One continuous walk.  Many people try to tell us how many steps they took.  Although trying to hit a step goal is good, it is not the same as a continuous walk. You should leave your house and walk 15 minutes in one direction.  Once you walk fifteen minutes just turn around and you will have your thirty minutes.

If you are going to do one thing to improve your health walking is the best place to start.  Going for a straight 30 minute walk is amazing. Click here for cool facts about 30 minute of walking.

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