How to become a Chiropractor

Working with students we get asked, how does one become a Chiropractor?  Let us break it down from first college, followed by Chiropractic school, then national boards, and finally by licensing.  We will discuss Illinois on this blog, since that is what we know.  To find other states and countries check out the International Chiropractic Association web site.

Under Graduate College

Preparing to become a chiropractor starts with under graduate college.  Most will study pre med or biology. If you contact the chiropractic schools they will let you know classes you will need.  Today in several states you can transfer into chiropractic school after your junior year.  Doing this transfer when you finish chiropractic school you will also earn a degree in biology.

Chiropractic College

Now let’s discuss chiropractic college.  I will focus on the best chiropractic college, Palmer.  Unlike other types of grad school, chiropractic college is not competitive. This allows your classmates and yourself to work together to graduate. Chiropractic school starts first with heavy academics. Secondly your education will become more exams and adjusting techniques. Finally you finish Wirth time in the student clinic working with staff doctors.  It is in student clinic you will first be able to see patients.

National Boards

There are four national board exams.  You can take these while you are a student.  In fact your education path matches the exams.  Part one is heavy academics.  Part two and part three are more clinical findings.  Finally part four is a live clock clinical exam.  The schools should have board reviews to help prepare you for the exams.


Now that you have graduate and passed your national boards yo will need a license.  Each state is slightly different.  In Illinois you apply and have to renew every three years.  At renewal you need to prove you continued learning by proving sixty class room hours and ninety reading hours.  In Illinois this happens every three years.