Five questions chiropractor gets asked daily.  As Chiropractors many people come in with questions for us. One Chiropractor went online and she wrote out her top five questions chiropractors experience.  Dr Hulsebus has been in practice for almost twenty years.  Because of twenty years of practice he also experiences many of the same questions.  Let’s look at the five questions chiropractors get asked.  First, What mattress do I buy?  Second, Once you start do you have to go forever.  Third, is it bad if I crack my own neck? Fourth, why would kids need to go?  Fifth, is it Dangerous?  Dr Hulsebus answers each one of these in the video. You will have to watch the video for the answers.  We added a few links to learn more above.

So if you have your own questions chiropractor, let us know.  You can email us, spine@rockforddc.com.  You can direct message us on the usual places like Facebook or Instagram.  Another way is in person.  Maybe next tie your question will be our weekly segment.

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