Every Friday the Chiropractors here will tell you about something they do to improve their well-being. Friday Favorite this week we sit down with Dr. Berven of our Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic. Join us each week as we discuss our Friday favorites, which could be supplements, places, people, or insects. This week Dr. Berven discusses a unique form of protein he does. Crickets. As Chiropractors, we always look at the three things that hurt your health, thoughts, trauma, and toxins. This week we are focused on the toxic of being low on quality protein. Protein is what our bodies use at night to repair areas of inflammation. Dr. Berven has found a highly concentrated form by finding fun ways of eating protein. If you have any questions for us here at Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic reach out and we will get back to you.