Walking is key to spinal health.  Several joints of the spine have no direct blood supply.  Without direct blood supply the joints of the spine require you to push nutrients in and push toxins out through osmosis.  Walking makes the muscles around your spine preform this osmosis.  Without walking your spine will never reach the health it needs.  Some of our favorite parks to walk here are Baumann Park, nice flat trail around a lake in Cherry Valley.  Another one for people who walk at different speeds in the Belvidere park, there are bridge where one can sit and wait for other stronger walkers.  The Belvidere park is also flat and easy walk.  If you want more trail outside, find walking groups, or activities while you walk our friends at 815 outside have a ton of neat ideas.  Lastly, walking inside is available again at the Cherry Vale mall.  Also doing a lap at the grocery store also counts.