How Do I Know If I Should Come In?

Often in health care we are not sure if our health situation warrants a trip to a doctor’s office.  People often put off health because they feel what they are going through isn’t bad enough to seek help yet.  We are told by new patient regularly, “I thought it might go away on its own”.  Because of this people often require more care for longer period of time.  So how do you know?  Let’s dive in deeper and try to answer that.

When do I know it is time to start care?

When is bad enough that I should seek Chiropractic care?  If your spine is the issue you will know because most of your efforts are not working.  Stretching is giving no relief, diet changes have no effect, or other things have failed, there must be something limited your ability to improve.  This is the time to call a Chiropractor.  If things that are proven to improve your health don’t work, then something else is interfering.  Chiropractors will x-ray and exam you to determine this.  You should call us if this applies to you.

When should I come in early?

Are you already a patient?  Are you wondering if you should return earlier than your next appointment?  Should I call in for an extra visit?  These are questions we get asked everyday.  If you have a bad day, that can happen.  But, when you have a bad day the next day, that is a reason to call.  So if the next day is worse or equally as bad, call in.

Still don’t know?

We do!  If you come in and we do our exam we will know.  If we do not think you need care, we will send you where you need to go.  We work with lots of physicians in our area.  So, if you do not needier help we will send you to the correct doctor you need.  Also watch our last webinar, Chiropractic for beginners to learn more.