Tonic Water

Tonic water and muscle cramps?  If you suffer from muscle cramps, growing pains, or restless leg syndrome you might want to try an old fashion solution.  Tonic water can be cold but you must have it flat.  First open it and let it sit out.  Then you can add it to the refrigerator.  the chemical inside is quinine.  Quinine can help with music class relaxing.  But with quinine there is a trick to it, drinking’s it comes will not work. If the tonic water is no flat you will not be able to take advantage of the quinine.  Carbonation makes the quinine so it does not work, so you must allow the tonic water to go flat.  Drink 8oz or one coffee cup and maybe this old random health tip can help you.  Watch the video for more information.


Dr Hulsebus has his CCWP certification.  This stands for certified Chiropractic wellness provider. To earn this certification there were many steps.  First there were four live class sessions held at various chiropractic campuses.  Second there are four text books that must be read.  Third there is an exam after each text book and class.  The final step is a written exam to demonstrate the use for the knowledge.  The subject matter was studying mankind in nature.  What does a true hunter and gather lifestyle look like and how can we replicate that in today’ world.  With this knowledge Dr Hulsebus knows lots of odd facts like this tip for cramps.  If you need a speaker or would like to learn more contact the clinic.  Dr Hulsebus has been a speaker at several companies and events.  Topics from desk exercises, happiness, supplements, and healthy lifestyles.


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